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Frequently Asked Questions


1.Who can you trust?

When choosing a company to install a Solar Power System on your home, you need to take a few items into consideration. The Company that installs your solar power system is ultimately responsible for the warranties and the performance of the system. Consider choosing a reputable local company, that is situated in your local area, with an office/showroom that you can call into at any time to discuss your concerns regarding your new Solar System.  Purchasing a Solar System from a call centre or online business will result in the use of contracted labour and this can prove to be difficult should you need warranty issues/claims resolved.  Often this type of business will not be able to offer ongoing support or advice.  

Here at Uni-Industries we take the time to discuss your needs and then offer you a Solar Power system that best suits your requirements and budget.  We can tailor systems and products to suit all budgets and are happy to give honest advice. Our aim is to make your Solar System purchase an honest and informative experience.  Uni - Industries pride themselves in quality workmanship and after-sales service.

2.What size solar system do you need?

How much are you spending each quarter ?

- how many kwh's/day are you using on average;
- when are you using your power; and
- how many solar panels can we install on your roof.

Energex will now allow installs up to 10kw of inverter capacity to a single phase installation, with the condition that the system is to be 
export limited to 5kw. This means that if you are making 10kw of power from your solar system and not using any of the power in the house, the system will ramp the production down so there is only 5kw feeding back into the grid. As an example, if you have a swimming pool, electric hot water system and a couple of fridges running during the day, you will be self consuming the production over the 5kw export limit.  In summary, if you have some daytime load, a large power bill and enough roof space, one of our larger Solar Power systems would be of great benefit in reducing your energy costs.

3.Why would you install such a large solar system if most of it is just going to feed back into the grid?

You can now receive up to $0.15c/kWh feed in tariff for the excess production that will feed back into the grid from your Solar Power System. 

Here is an example of how you can benefit from installing a system of this size:

  1. Installing 10.36kW’s of panel capacity connected to a 8kW inverter will produce on average 46kWh's/day.  
  2. If you self consume 23kWh’s/day from the production at the grid rate of $0.25c/kWh and feed the other 23kWh’s of production back  into the grid at the feed in tariff rate of $0.15c/kWh (AGL), the daily benefit of this system will be $9.20/day x 365 days = $3,358/year benefit from the 10.36kW solar power system.
  3. Our 10.36kW systems start at $5,990 inc GST, and with a $3,358/year benefit, the system will pay for itself in under 1.8 years. 

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