Uni-Industries have qualified consultants and technicians talking to you from the word go, from consultation and design to installation, setting them apart from most. At Uni-Industries they pride themselves on being on time, efficient, friendly and their staff retention allows them to know the quality of work their onsite staff is producing. We have tradesman that have gone through their apprenticeship with the team some 15 + years ago that are still working for the company today. This demonstrates the loyal team that Uni-Industries are. Giving you full confidence in the team that you are investing into. They are proud to be able to provide custom designed systems and their diverse and forward-thinking team allow them to always be able to produce the best systems available whilst adhering to all industry regulations, electrical standards and network engineering requirements with a strong focus on best practice and safety.

With such a strong presence in their field, you can feel confident that Uni-Industries will not only deliver a high-quality system, but also there after sales service and commitment to their clients is second to none.

Whether you are building a home, tired of paying for an electricty bill, own a rental property, want to invest in your future or hook up the caravan and head off on the road less traveled Solar you can benefit financially. Installing a Solar System can offer relief from ongoing household costs and we have systems to suit all. From Budget to premium, we've got you covered. 

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