LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The Company, wholly owned by the LONGi Group (SH601012), has focused on p-mono for 19 years and is today the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world, with total assets above $5.71 billion (2018Q3) LONGi Group has plans to reach 45 GW mono-crystalline wafer production capacity by 2020.


The Blade series are composed of half standard c-Si cells cutting by laser. Splitting cells into halves generates lower current, thereby reducing “Cell To Module” loss. The result is higher output, less mismatch, power loss, shadow effect, etc. That’s why the market is adopting this simple upgrade as quickly as it on the market.

Blade™ comprises two separated and identical solar cell arrays, which means the ordinary strings of cells are cut into halves, and these shorter strings compose arrays which has separated current paths. When a module is shaded, only one side shaded array's current will be impacted, while the other array will still be functionally producing power. Under this circumstance, when a module is shaded, the affected working areas of Blade™ will be 50% less.


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